What do we do?

We believe that the Dutch Biotech Ecosystem will develop even faster if new biotech companies can realize their development and growth ambitions. We also believe that we can achieve this by supporting these Biotech companies with the knowledge that is already available in this system. Therefore we aim to accelerate the development of biotech innovations from idea to market introduction by unlocking expert knowledge to entrepreneurs. 

our proces

how do we do that?

Unlocking expert knowledge can only occur when there is a specific challenge that can be addressed. During our BiotechMeetings entrepreneurs with specific challenges pitch their company and/or idea to a group of Partners, who we believe can support them in tackling these challenges. Partners tell entrepreneurs that they can support them, and after the meeting the entrepreneur and the partner schedule a meeting to discuss collaboration.


who are we?

BiotechPartners is a subsidiary project of Stichting Medtechpartners.  The board consists of the following members:

  • drs. K.G.H Huijsman (chair)
  • drs. H.S. Tak
  • ir. H.C. Janssen
  • J. Sigger MSc
  • dr. ir. D.A. Schipper
  • drs. B.M. Blokuis

The projectmanagement of BiotechPartners is lead by:

  • drs. B.M. Blokhuis
  • J. Welschen
  • D.P. van der Klugt MSc
  • L. Wiggers MSc
  • B.T. Polm MSc

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